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Italian cars

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Italian cars

The 500 or other types of supermini are the perfect car for tootling around the narrow streets of Rome. This type of car is all well and good for going to work and picking up shopping, but hardly an eye catcher, something with a bit more oomph is needed for touring, racing or just feeling good, enter the Italian Stallions.
For saving face there are the Italian sports car range including such pioneers as Enzo Ferrari, Feruccio Lamborghini and Ettorre Bugatti,
These designers and producers created some of the World's most desirable motor cars.


Cars designed to make you gasp and shudder when you see them, let alone travel in them. Lambo started life in 1962 with the production of the V12 350GT this was followed by the 400, however after these two flagship cars, things started to hot up.
Ferruccio released the Miura, inspired by the Ford GT40 at the Turin motor show, well actually only the Miura's chassis was shown however everybody stood in awe, the look and design of the chassis had people placing multiple orders and we know the rest. The Countach pronounced 'Koontash' was released an instant hit, followed by numerous not so well known models, till the Diablo, Murcielago, Gallardo and most recently the Reventon released in 2008 with a limited no. of models built.

Lamborghini LP500 Prototype


Ferrari founded back in 1929, by Enzo Ferrari.

This Supercar company has always been famed for their exquisite supercars including the Testarossa, F40, F50 and the more recent Enzo as well as building and designing auto's Ferrari operated and owned one of the most successful racing teams ever ' Scuderia', still a big name car racing today.
FIAT now owns the Supercar division of the company, due to Enzo running into financial problems in 1969, however he still kept control of the racing team.


Yes we know that Bugatti was actually founded in Molsheim in France, but our argument is, only an Italian could come up with the iconic design and flair of the Bugatti range of cars which include the 1932 Royal.
More recently the revived Bugatti name was released in the form of the EB110 released in 1996. This car was the work of Entrepreneur Romano Artioli who acquired the name and hired the Lamborghini designers who worked on the Miura and Countach.
Volkswagen Ag now own the name and have recenlty just relsed the fastest road car in the world the Veyron a car with 1008 BHP and four turbo's, it is also rumoured that VW are working on a 4 door supercar version, project Lydia, possibly to compete with the rumoured 4 door Porsche Panamera Turbo.
Other Italian car manufacturers include:-
Alfa Romeo
De Tomaso
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