Tuesday, December 01, 2020

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The 2017 London Motor Show has had its fair share of official unveilings, one of the highlights for us was the debut of the MG XS. A compact crossover SUV making the perfect addition to the MG line up fitting into the competitive growing crossover market. This latest offering gives buyers a larger option over the MG3 and a smaller alternative than the GS. 
The XS is expected to be priced £4,000 below a mid range Nissan Juke, however build quality and design would not suggest this. Taking exterior styling queues from Kia and Hyundai with its sweeping headlights, matt chrome roof rails, the imposing sporty grill and alloy wheels. 
MG have really gone back to there roots, with retro styling icons echoing the likes of the MG BGT, chrome surround circular air vents to name one. There is an unsurpassable feeling of luxury when you climb inside the vehicle. The high driving position gives you a greater view of the road, whilst the interior envelops you in a premium experience as soon as you open the door.
There is plenty of head room and leg room in the front and the rear even with 6ft adults in both. The Interior quality was above reproach with a soft touch stitched dashboard and large colour infotainment system. The leather seats, false floor and spare wheel were features that really impressed us, normally seen on more premium rivals such as the VW Tiguan. MG have this ability to load there cars with the latest tech but not increase the price, kudos.
There is two main powertrains available a 1.0 litre turbo producing 123bhp and a naturally aspirated 1.5 litre. We are most excited about the 1.0L T especially after seeing the benefits from other manufacturers such as Ford with their Fiesta EcoBoost and Vauxhall with their Corsa which we road tested earlier this year. The XS is expected to carry over the transmissions from the GS this includes a six speed manual and 7 speed dual clutch automatic, both produced in house at MG. The XS gives you the option of 3 driving modes, the system allows a versatile range of driving experiences making it suitable to urban and rural environments, tightening and loosing the ride and steering, making it easy to drive around town but offering a driver focused feel out of town.
The MG XS is likely to be released later this year and this could be a game changer, getting more bang for your buck than the Dacia Duster and far cheaper than the Nissan Juke. We can’t wait to see the XS on the road and get behind the wheel for a full road test and review.  
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